Showing you the app that shows you all your friends' videos

Notifications on the iPhone

This is where you’ll see all the messages from your friends and contacts on Showyou. When someone follows you, or thanks you for sharing a video, or sends you a video, you’ll see it here. You’ll also see comments on videos from your closest contacts on Showyou; that is, the people who follow you and that you follow back.


Want to find a specific video? Need to find “Double Rainbow” or a cute puppy video?
Search is a tap away. You’ll see suggested search terms, or you can search for something specific. There are over 55 million videos in the Showyou index, and every one of them has been hand-picked. We’ll show you the most recent and most popular videos first, so you don’t have to scroll forever to find what you’re looking for.

The All New Tray

Sometimes you just want to browse by channel or category. That’s what the tray is for. Tap the tray icon, and you’ll see a list of channels, from The Daily Show to TED to Bleacher Report to Pitchfork. Tap on a channel to browse their videos, and tap follow if you want to add videos from that channel to your feed.

Send to a Friend
Under every video, you’ll now see a “send” button.

What’s that for?
It’s a new way to share a video with just a few friends.
Tap send and you can choose then pick which friends you want to share the video with — friends on Showyou, or people in your address book on your phone.

Write your message and send it off. If your friends have Showyou on their iPhone or iPad, they’ll get a nifty alert that tells them you’ve sent them a video. It’s just a tap to watch, and then reply. So much better than sending an email.

Thank is Back!

What does that mean?
In our very first version of Showyou, we allowed you to “Thank” someone when they shared a video you watched and liked. We dropped “thanks” right after launch, but its now back and it’s better.

How do you use it?
When you’ve watched a video a friend has shared and you want to let them know, but might not feel like typing out a full reply. Just tap “thanks.”
It’s a simple and easy way to show the person who shared the video that they brightened your day, and that you appreciate it. In addition to being polite, thanking your friends for sharing great videos will make them feel good, too.

The Iphone’s Got an Improved Feed!

Why is it so cool?
Because the iPhone has a smaller screen, and we use our phones more frequently, and we like to use our phones to communicate, you need something a little different. You need just the right videos; and you want to be able to talk about them with your friends, not just watch them.

The new iPhone feed magically delivers the “right” videos to you at any given time. We look at all the videos your friends are sharing and pick out the best ones. Say you’re following 20 people or channels on Showyou, and you’ve also connected Showyou to Facebook and Twitter. We’ll look at all of the videos shared by the people and channels you follow on Showyou, your friends on Facebook, and the people you follow on Twitter. We try to select the videos you might want to watch based on all that activity, and we show you what people are saying about those videos across all those different social networks.

This feed works for you; you don’t have to work for it. If you haven’t checked Showyou for a couple days, we’ll show you the best videos shared over that time. If you check more frequently, we’ll show you more recent stuff.

Oh, we should mention this; this new version of the feed is also really fun to use.

Finding Your Friends on Showyou

To find friends on Showyou, open that tray and tap the “find friends” button. Immediately, a window will pop up asking for permission to access your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Say yes to allow Showyou to find your friends on those social networks.

Showyou’s “Watch Later” Feature

Occasionally you may see a video you would like to watch without having time to watch it all the way through. Showyou has a “watch later” feature designed to help you out in that kind of situation. To add a video to your watch later queue, hit the small icon at the top right of the video window.

Hitting that button will give you a list of options. The fourth option will be “Add to Watch Later”. To see the videos you have added to this list, tap the second button from the left at the very bottom of the application interface. This button will take you to your watch later grid.

Following Other People on Showyou

If you saw a video you liked and would like to see other videos shared by the same person, you can tap the person’s icon which is located at the bottom left of the video thumbnail.

Some videos may have the Facebook or Twitter icons where the icon normally is. A video with one of those icons is a video that has been shared through one of those networks, and taping the icon will take you to a grid comprised of videos shared on that network.

If you tap a person’s icon, Showyou will take you to that person’s grid where you will see videos they have shared and uploaded. If you like another person’s taste in videos, you might want to follow them so that videos in their grid will also appear in the grid you see when you open Showyou. Hit follow, right next to their icon at the top left of the page.

To see a list of the people you are following, go to your profile page and open the tray.

Sharing Videos with Your Friends

After seeing a video you enjoyed, you might want to share it with your friends. To share a video, tap the red “share” button right below the video itself. Doing so will immediately add the video to your personal grid, and will prompt you to send the video out to Facebook and Twitter.

You can add a comment by tapping where it says “add a comment”. To tag a friend in your comment, you can tap the “@” at the bottom right of the video’s window and then either write your friend’s name or select a friend from the list of your Showyou friends that pops up. You can also add a hashtag to your comment by hitting the “#” beside the at sign.

To send a message to the person who published or shared a video, you can tap the arrow icon near the bottom right of the video window.