Showing you the app that shows you all your friends' videos

The Iphone’s Got an Improved Feed!

Why is it so cool?
Because the iPhone has a smaller screen, and we use our phones more frequently, and we like to use our phones to communicate, you need something a little different. You need just the right videos; and you want to be able to talk about them with your friends, not just watch them.

The new iPhone feed magically delivers the “right” videos to you at any given time. We look at all the videos your friends are sharing and pick out the best ones. Say you’re following 20 people or channels on Showyou, and you’ve also connected Showyou to Facebook and Twitter. We’ll look at all of the videos shared by the people and channels you follow on Showyou, your friends on Facebook, and the people you follow on Twitter. We try to select the videos you might want to watch based on all that activity, and we show you what people are saying about those videos across all those different social networks.

This feed works for you; you don’t have to work for it. If you haven’t checked Showyou for a couple days, we’ll show you the best videos shared over that time. If you check more frequently, we’ll show you more recent stuff.

Oh, we should mention this; this new version of the feed is also really fun to use.